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Benefits of Using Product Videos on Your E-commerce Site

Product videos offer you the opportunity to show customers the uses and benefits of your particular product or service. Your video acts as an in-store salesperson by guiding the customers to move towards a purchase. The following are some of the most important benefits of utilizing product videos on your eCommerce website:

If shot correctly, videos can be an awesome asset for your eCommerce business. Since it’s important to show your product and how to use it visually, a lot of people are choosing eCommerce product video servicesto reap its benefits.

Videos Are Easily Digestible

Nobody really wants to read a complete page of overwhelming text. Gone are the days where potential customers get excited to scroll through product catalogs that’s mailed to them. Instead, they would choose to watch a concise and engaging with video production company. Try to shoot videos that are easily digestible, and last about a minute or less since you’ll lose most viewers’ attention if it goes longer. With the help of these types of videos, customers can easily get information which is more memorable and comprehensive.

A Boost In Sales And Conversion

The sales and conversion rates are significantly increased whenever video demos of products are featured on your website. A lot of people tend to add products to their cart once they watch a product video. This is why Amazon has videos as an option in their product gallery. This should be a huge reason why you should take advantage of eCommerce product video services.

Build Trust And Improve Engagement

People tend to touch things before they purchase them. However, this is not possible when you are considering buying online. The next best thing is to see others do it or use it. If you want to make sure that people visiting your website get this feeling, then one of the best options is to add videos.

Video content not only helps to increase engagement but also is effective in building trust. By watching videos, your customers can get a sense of the product’s quality. Which will ultimately lead to driving more sales.

Improve Your Page Ranking In Search

Videos with rich and relevant content are known to effectively boost the SEO score of your website. This is specifically because it shows that your page has relevant information to search requests. Another advantage of videos is that you are able to create extra backlinks to your website. You can now include videos to your Google Business Page, another reason to do product/service video demos!

Also, the views, likes, comments and shares that you receive on your videos through social media channels will boost the overall value of your content. YouTube receives more than 3 billion searches every month and it continues to be the 2nd largest search engine. You can focus on creating a YouTube channel and start marketing your eCommerce business in no time. By adding product-related videos to your YouTube channel, you will be able to generate another channel on which your products can be found. Many bloggers do product review videos so it’d be ideal to reach out to your preferred target market blogger to shoot one for your business.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the value of product videos on your eCommerce website is crucial for the success of your business. Be sure to check out our portfolio to see all the product demos we shot for clients throughout the years. We hope this blog gives you the inspiration to create videos for all your products and services!

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